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nondestructive testing
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The Syntez Research and Production Company, founded in St. Petersburg, Russia, in 1998, became Syntez Ltd. in November 1999, and specialises in the development and manufacture of high-voltage power supplies for X-ray sources and for other scientific and industrial applications.

Our X-ray units, with anode voltage from 30 to 450 kV and anode power from a few W up to 4,5 kW, are supplied to the specific requirements of both domestic and foreign customers in the United Kingdom, USA, Sweden, Brazil, Baltic countries, etc. The X-ray sources developed and manufactured by Syntez Ltd. are used in self-propelled pipeline X-ray crawlers - sophisticated remotely-controlled machines for critical radiographic inspection of circumferential seams (butt welds) in new steel pipelines.

Syntez sources are also used:

  • in stationary and portable equipment for the non-destructive examination of all types of welded joints;
  • in spectrometers for element structural analysis of mineral ores in the mining and processing industries;
  • for analysis of paint structure during restoration of paintings;
  • in diffractometers which measure quartz plate orientation in the electronics industry;
  • and in various other applications in the fields of NDT and X-ray structural and spectrum analysis for use in physics research.




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