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Leakage inspection unit


Leakage inspection unit The unit is designed for vacuum control of the tightness of welded joints and basic material in the oil and gas, energy and other industries. The main types of controlled objects are tanks, boilers, steel and plastic pipelines, fuel tanks, cladding and other objects with one-way access. The tightness control installation with a set of vacuum frames is included in the technical equipment sheet of PJSC Transneft and is approved for use at nuclear facilities. The tightness control using the installation is based on the bubble method regulated by the PNAE G-7-019-89 and reduces to the following steps:

  • Application of a foam-film indicator on a controlled surface;
  • Installation of a vacuum frame on a controlled surface and the creation of a vacuum between them;
  • Visual control of the flow of bubbles in the places of formation of leaks.

Features of control using a vacuum installation:

  • Conducting control without preliminary preparation of the controlled surface;
  • The ability to replace the framework for the control of products of various shapes;
  • The ability to control immediately after welding;
  • Conducting control with one-way access without applying test pressure.

Scope of delivery:

  • HBM-5 vacuum pump (220 v, 1.4 l/s, 9 kg);
  • vacuum hose - 13 m.;
  • foam-film indicator - PPI-1;
  • installation passport.

Depending on the type of surface to be monitored, the installation can be additionally equipped with standard vacuum frames or custom-made frames. In case of a one-time need for the use of the installation, a service for tightness control can be ordered in our NK laboratory. The work is carried out by certified specialists with the issuance of an opinion.





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