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nondestructive testing

Frequently asked questions on attestation of non-destructive testing specialists


What documents are needed for attestation of NDT specialists?

The list of documents is available on our website in the section «Attestation of personnel».

Can I obtain qualification level 2 without having level 1?

Yes, you can. It is possible to pass attestation straight away to level 2 (except for ultrasonic and radiographic methods). To this end, you need to have the service record as per table 2 of requirements of ПБ-03-440-02.

Can I test my knowledge before the examination?

You may check your knowledge on the main NDT methods using online testing by the VMT, UST, RT, MT and DPI methods

Is it possible to hold attestation of personnel at the Customer’s enterprise?

Yes. We hold group attestation at the customer’s enterprise.

Do I have to take exams on safety rules?

Yes. Unless the IS examinations are passed, the certificate is invalid.

Is it necessary to take exams on safety rules for extending or expanding the scope of attestation?

Yes. Exams on IS must be taken in the both cases.

What is the difference between qualification levels 1 and 2 of non-destructive testing specialists?

According to ПБ-03-440-02, the level 1 qualification enable to hold testing without the right to sign conclusions on testing results, whereas the level 2 qualifications enable the above.

What documents are issued based on attestation results?

Following the results of successful passage of attestation certificates of established form are issued according to ПБ-03-440-02.

What is the certificate validity period?

The certificate on qualification levels 1 and 2 are issued for a 3 year period; the certificate on qualification level 3 is issued for 5 years.

How can I check the authenticity of certificates issued to you?

The authenticity of our certificates may be checked here. As a rule, attested specialists are entered on this register two months after the end of the quarter, when the certificate was issued.

Can you assist in accommodation of trainees?

Follow this link to find a list of inexpensive hotels near the training center.





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