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nondestructive testing

List of equipment for attestation of non-destructive testing laboratory

Testing method Equipment Model
Visual and measuring testing (VT) Visual testing kit VIT Expert and industry-specific VMT kits
Lux meter Testo 540, TKA-LUX
Kit of roughness samples Rz 20, 40, 80
Training manual Photochart of welding defects
Radiographic testing (RT) X-ray unit Apparatuses of series RPD and Pamir
Developing machine and X-ray film Agfa NOVA with film Agfa or Fuji
Fixing agent, developing agent Agfa or Fuji
Digital scanner with phosphorus plates Scanner DUERR HD-CR 35 NDT
X-ray viewing box X-LUM or Н-85/220
Densitometer DC-5003
Measuring magnifier LI 3-10х or L30
Hole type image quality indicator Fe No.11, No.12, No.13
Wire type image quality indicator Fe No.11, No.12, No.13
Dosimeter MKS-05 Terra, DKG-02U Arbitr, DKG-07D
Marking symbols No.2 and No.6
Magnetic holders MP-1
Ultrasonic testing (UT) Ultrasonic flaw detector with PET А1214, UD2-70, USD-60
Measures for setup of ultrasonic flaw detectors СО-2, СО-3, measure according to ISO 19675
Reference blocks Reference blocks SOP
Concrete ultrasonic testing tools (if necessary) А1220 Monolit, А1040 MIRA, Pundit 200
Magnetic control (MT) Stationary magnetic flaw detector, or manual magnet Installation MP, series Unimag, manual magnet MD-7
Reference block Reference block on MP flaw detection
Kit of consumables Helling, Magnaflux
Lux meter TKA-Lux, Testo 540
Dye penetrant testing (PT) Leakage test plant НВМ-5
Vacuum boxes Vacuum boxes
Foam film indicator PPI-1
Reference block on CT Reference block on CT, class 2
Kit of consumables Helling, Sherwin, Magnaflux, LUM33-OV
Lux meter TKA-Lux, Testo 540
Eddy current testing (ET) Eddy current flaw detector VD-70, Vektor 50
Reference blocks for eddy current testing KOIDZ-VD
Electric control (ET) Electric spark flaw detector Korona, Krona-12
Electric conductivity meter Konstanta K6, MVP-2M
Thermal testing (IR) Thermal imaging device Thermal imaging devices Testo
Level Sokkia B40A-35

The above list is not universal and may differ depending on tasks to be solved. The list is of advisory nature, and the equipment items stated may be replaced with equipment of similar purpose and characteristics.





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