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nondestructive testing

FAQs on attestation of NDT laboratories in Russia


In what cases is a non-destructive testing laboratory needed?

The need in attestation of NDT laboratories is regulated by Letter of Russia’s Gosgortekhnadzor No. 02-35/213 dated June 27, 2001, according to which, for holding tests of equipment, materials and welding joints by non-destructive methods (including for third-party organizations), organizations must have non-destructive testing laboratories attested according to the Rules on Attestation and Main Requirements to Non-Destructive Testing Laboratories PB 03-372-00. NDT is carried out subject to available certificate on attestation of the laboratory for the relevant field of attestation.

Who has a right to issue certificates on attestation of non-destructive testing laboratories?

Non-destructive testing laboratories are attested under a uniform system of assessment of compliance in industrial, environmental, energy and construction safety ПБ-03-372-00.

According to p.1.6. of this regulatory document, attestation of laboratories is held by independent bodies for attestation of NDT laboratories (IBAL).

What is needed to create an NDT laboratory in Russia?

Basically, for creation of an NDT laboratory, one must have: attested specialists, necessary equipment with a valid metrological certificate and a package of attestation documents.

What is the difference between attestation of a non-destructive testing laboratory from accreditation?

Accreditation of non-destructive testing laboratories is only necessary for organizations who are to be engaged in the field of industrial safety including issue of opinions on remaining service life. To work on manufacture, construction, assembly, repair, reconstruction, operation and technical diagnostics (without issue of opinion on remaining service life), a laboratory is subject to the attestation procedure.

How long does the laboratory attestation process generally last?

The time required for a non-destructive testing laboratory mostly depends on availability on the company’s staff list of specialists, necessary equipment and correctness of documents submitted. If the company has attested specialists on its staff list as well as all the necessary equipment, the attestation process lasts, on average, for a month.

What is the cost of services on attestation of NDT laboratory?

The cost of attestation services may be calculated here.

Can I have a discount?

We grant discounts in case of comprehensive attestation of NDTL including attestation of NDT operators, procurement of required equipment and documentary work. You can get precise value of discount on a request to be sent to the attestation department.

ОIs it necessary to have an attested specialist on the company’s staff list?

The company attesting a laboratory must have on its staff list a specialist attested according to the same methods as the laboratory to be organized. See information on attestation of NDT specialists here.

How many people are needed for creation of an NDT laboratory?

It is sufficient for a company to have one specialist attested for all the methods of the laboratory to be attested. According to SanPiN Requirements to X-ray laboratories for attestation on the radiographic method of testing, two specialists are required.

What equipment is needed for attestation of NDT laboratory?

See the list of instruments necessary for attestation of NDTL here.

What documents are needed for creation of a non-destructive testing laboratory?

See the list of documents necessary for attestation of NDTL here.

Can a laboratory be attested if it is furnished with leased equipment?

Yes, it is allowed for an NDT laboratory to be partially furnished with leased equipment, subject to availability of properly executed documents.

Can an NDT laboratory to be created be staffed with specialists hired under an employment contract?

Yes, it can.

For what period is a certificate on attestation of NDT laboratory issued?

The validity period of a certificate on attestation of NDT laboratory is 3 years.

What is the scope of attestation of a non-destructive testing laboratory?

Put simply, the scope of attestation of an NDT laboratory comprises NDT methods, objects under testing and type of activity. See the scope of accreditation of our IBAL here.

Do you provide assistance in obtaining a license for working with sources of ionizing radiation?

Yes, we provide our clients with assistance in obtaining a sanitary-epidemiological opinion and license for working with sources of ionizing radiation (SIR).  To obtain the required documents on your own, you need to contact the territorial body of Rospotrebnadzor. See further information here.

What requirements are imposed on radiation testing laboratories?

See requirements to X-ray laboratories in SanPiN

What is a scheduled verification?

According to p.12 of ПБ 03-372-00, independent bodies exercise periodic control over the activities of laboratories attested by them throughout the validity period of certificates issued. Such control is generally exercised once, approximately in the middle of the certificate validity period. The cost of a scheduled inspection (extension of attestation) is 60-70% of the cost of initial attestation.

Where can I find general information on attestation of NDT laboratories?

The general information on attestation of NDTL is available here.





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