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nondestructive testing
Home Visual and measuring control Measuring magnifiers
Accessories for visual and measuring control

Scale magnifier are used for Visual and measuring control on the plane surfaces. Measurement is performed by using a measuring scale in the lens field of view.
Magnifiers comply to instruction of visual and measurement control of РД 03-606-03.
Each item has own pack and passport. If necessary, magnifiers can be provide with a certificate of calibration.

Technical specification Scale magnifier ЛИ-3-10х Scale magnifierL11 Scale magnifierL30
Zoom factor 10х 10х 10х
Scale length, mm 15 11 30
Graduating mark, mm 0,1 0,1 0,1
Dimensions, mm 30х32 20х34 40х42
Weight, g 15 20 80
Photo Лупа измерительная ЛИ-3-10х Лупа измерительная L11 Лупа измерительная L30


Universal gauge of Krasowski (УШК-1)

Template is designed to control the lap and butt-welded joints, as well as to measure the gap between the edges during the visual and measurement control according to РД 03-606-03

Universal measuring gauge №2 (УШС-2)

УШС-2 is designed to control the legs of fillet welds in the range of 4-14 mm in accordance with the requirements of СТБ 1133-98

Universal measuring gauge №3 (УШС-3)

УШС-3 is designed to control the pipes and welds in stages of preparation for welding and measuring control


Piece for checking and marking angles of the controlled objects. Size 100h160, II accuracy class

Vernier caliper

Caliper Is used to measure the interior and exterior dimensions, and depths of the controlled objects. Model ШЦ-1-125-0.1 range 0-125mm., I accuracy сlass


LED torch for working in low light conditions. Power - 0.5 watt, AA battery 1pc. (Included)

Metal marker

Universal wax marker for industrial marking. Color - yellow or red, width 12 mm, length 95 mm.

Thermostable chalk

Termostable chalk for marking the heated surface of metal products. Marking is resistant to temperatures up to 2000 ° C. The length - 100 mm, section - 10 mm

Illuminated magnifier

3x Magnifier with LED backlight for controlling in low light conditions

Measuring magnifier 10x

Magnifier for visual measurement and inspection. The length of the measuring scale - 15 mm, graduating mark - 0.1 mm

Set of clearance gauge № 4

Set to control the gap between the surfaces. Accuracy Class II, thickness range 0,1-1,0 mm

Set of radius probes № 1 (1-6mm)

Set of probes, to estimate the radius of convex and concave surfaces.

Set of radius probes № 3 (7-25mm)

Set of probes, to estimate the radius of convex and concave surfaces.

Magnifier 7x

Magnifier 7x for visual inspection

Measuring tape

Measuring tape, length 2m. or 10m, depending on configuration

Steel ruler

Steel ruler, length 20 cm and 30 cm depending on the configuration.

Packaging bag

Packaging bag




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