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Photo album of welded defects for visual and measuring control


Фотоальбом дефектов сварных соединений

A photo album of defects in welded joints is made up in the form of a presentation containing more than 100 photos of defects with macro sections and text comments. This album can be used in the preparation and certification of welders and flaw detectors I, II, III levels for visual measuring control, and is also of interest to students and scientists in the field of metallurgy. At the end of the album there are photographs for students to independently determine (testing). For educational purposes, it is also recommended to use the second part of this publication - Photo album of defects in the base metal.

Photo album  of welded defects made as a presentation, which contains more than 100 photos with commentary for visual measurement control.

Album contains:

  1. ГОСТ 15467 Product Quality Management. Key Terms and Definitions
  2. ГОСТ 2601-84 Welding of metals. Terms and Definitions.
  3. РД 03-606-03 Instructions for visual and measuring control/li>

Photo albums are intended for training and advanced training of specialists in visual and measuring control of I, II, III levels and are recommended for teaching students of technical specialties. The price of the photo album is indicated in the price list.

Дефекты сварных швов Дефекты сварных соединений Виды дефектов сварных швов Дефекты сварных швов Сварные дефекты Сварочные дефекты Дефекты в сварных швах Дефекты сварки

Weld defects photo album content:

  1. Weld defect detection
  2. Cracks and Macro Sections of Cracks
  3. Pores and Macro Sections of Pores
  4. Inclusions and inclusion macro sections
  5. Craters
  6. Fistula
  7. Undercuts
  8. Burn through
  9. Inflows and macrosection of influx
  10. Uneven seam width
  11. Incorrect weld profile
  12. Local penetration excess and penetration macro sections
  13. Fracture of axes of parts
  14. Spray
  15. Weld flake
  16. Sinking between the rollers
  17. Lack of penetration and macrosections of lack of penetration
  18. Peeling
  19. Excess Weld Gain
  20. Excess Bulge
  21. Asymmetry of a fillet weld and its macro sections
  22. Bulge of a seam root
  23. Concavity of a seam root
  24. Maximum size and maximum width of inclusions>
  25. Inclusion single, accumulation of inclusions
  26. Incomplete gutting with microsection
  27. Bad suture renewal
  28. Uneven seam surface
  29. Various defects of welded joints with macro sections

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